The 9 Types Of People You’ll Find At Every College Bar

Now that the semester is starting to wind down, we thought we would toss this beauty out there to see if you can guess which one you are. We are all on this list in one way or another, don't try to deny that, so... which one is it??

These 10 types of dinguses can be found on every campus across the states, and the sooner you familiarize yourselves with them, the sooner you’ll realize that college is really just one giant human zoo. We rounded up some of them below to keep an eye out for and here’s the lineup.

1. The Bar Fighter

Step 1: Chug a pitcher of Natty Light

Step 2: Punch nearest object (or person) in sight

2. The Super Flirt

The Super Flirt will use any generic pick up line to *try* and land a total babe. 11/10 times goes home alone

3. The A+ Alcoholic

The A+ Alcoholic has an exam at 8 am but goes out anyway and gets absolutely buckled. They take the exam and somehow ace it. No one understands how this is humanly possible.

4. The Lightweight

Every friend group has a one and done. 10/10 times needs a babysitter.

5. The Dorm Drinker

The dorm drinker doesn’t interact in social settings except if it’s in their own dorm room. They prefer to drink aggressively in the comfort of their room.

6. The Troop Rallier

Monday’s aren’t a thing for the rallier. They will convince you that going out on any day of the week is a great idea. And – you’ll probably fall for it.

7. The 24- Hour Drunk

Goes out ’til 2am and solves their hangover by cracking open a cold one. If you can’t beat ’em… join ’em…

8. The Frat Bros

Natty Light is water for Frat Bros and their means to hydration

9. The Sorority Babes

Sorority babes are on most, if not every campus. They travel in packs, usually repping their letters

We know there’s more, and we want to hear them from you. What characters can always be found on every campus?

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