10 Gifts Under $50 For All Your Boozy Friends

Still looking to check off boxes for some boozy people in your life? We have you covered with 10 gifts you can find and order off Amazon. That's right, you don't even have to leave your couch. Check out below for our boozy picks for under $50 bucks. Er, well, except a few...but they were just too cool to not include.

1. Bangle Flask

Price: $19.99

Bling with a purpose. We're into it.

2. Boozy Bra

Price: $29.99

Yes, this bra fits a whole bottle of wine and yes, you and your bestie need it. It also hides perfectly under those bulky, warm, winter sweaters. Win-win.

3. The BeerBelly

Price: 29.99

Dad bods are in right now. The only difference between this type of "dad bod" is that it deflates as you drink, taking you from dad to Chad. #supladies

4. Tipsy Tube Sunscreen Flasks

Price: $12.95 for 3

SPF 151 Rum is all the rage right now. PSA, you may end up with a wicked burn if you try and apply this as normal sunscreen.

5. Chambong

Price: $35.00

Because drinking champagne at a normal speed is for rookies.

6. Vert Pong

Price: $49.99

We fly high, no lie, you know dis....BALLLLINNNNNNNN'

7. Personal Ice Luge

Price: $19.65

This isn't a want, this is a need for all boozers.

8. Boozy Self-Mixing Backpack

Price: $89.90

Why go to a bar, when you can become the bar?

9. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Price: $24.00

Give them a little something to get through their holiday travels

10. The Tie Flask

Does your friend work hard, or hardly work? Either way, they most definitely need this. It's perfect for holiday parties, family parties, or for a 10 a.m. desk drink.

Don't wait, go ahead and fill up the cart and get those last minute presents to your door ASAP. What are some of your favorite boozy accessories?

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