6 Things To Do In Boston This Valentine's Day

Ah, it's that time of year again. The Super Bowl? Nope, not the Super Bowl (but close). Good ol’ St. Valentine's Day. (Nudge nudge, it's only 7 days away, fellas)

While the history of St. Valentine's Day is somewhat unclear, the amount that Americans spend is not. Oh, just your casual $18.9 billion, with a B. That's a sh*t ton of chocolate & roses if you ask us. And Fido's not forgotten about either at a casual $700 million on Valentine's day gifts for pets alone.

Regardless of the chocolates, roses, and cards (courtesy of Esther HOWLand -the Mother of the American Valentine) one thing is for sure: there should be lots of celebratory drinks and romance involved.

Whether you plan to celebrate with a special someone, your pack or solo, there's plenty of nonsense to be had. We put together a short list of things to do so you can get into whatever it is that your heart desires.

1. Drunk Painting

Drunk crafts? Uh, yeah, sign us up. PaintNite will make you feel like you're the ultimate crafter. During a class, if you or your honey ever think your painting sucks (which it honestly probably does), drink more liquid courage and keep on stroking (the paint brush that is...); it's bound to make at least your mother proud.

Search Valentine’s Day Paint Nite

2. For Your Inner Child

We all want an excuse to be a child again. Hell, some days we question who let us become an adult because we sure as hell didn’t sign up for all these unknowns. (Seriously, how the f does one file taxes?) Well, Disney On Ice is your excuse to grab a friend and time travel back to the better days to celebrate 100 years of magic with Disney.

Click to Find Tickets

Note: Princess crowns are highly suggested #YasQueen

3. Wine class

Wine comes in all colors of Valentine's day- Red, Pink, White and Grey (all 50 shades of them…well that might come after the wine if you’re lucky), but who really knows much more about it than that? Learn the basics and taste some good vino at one of Boston Wine School classes.

Little tip: When in doubt, bubbles out. After all it is Valentine's Day and bubbles are fun, romantic (bow chicka wah wah) AND delish.

Find Tickets Here

4. Eat Your Chocolate Heart Out

Cue your inner fat kid and eat your heart out at arguably the best chocolate spot in Boston. Chocolate is essential for Valentines Day and it’s the one day that no one ever can tell you you’ve had enough of it. Make reservations with your +1 and make sure to leave lots of room to stuff your face.

Start your mouth watering here: Max Brenner

5. Boston Love Bar Crawl

Worried about not having a date? Fuggit, grab some friends and join in on celebrating Singles Awareness Day with Mardi Gras and Valentines Day packed into one event. Belly up to the bar and booze your way around the city.

Find Tickets Here

6. Netflix & Chill

Need we say more? Here’s a list of movies to toss on in the background (uhhh...watch?) with a bottle or two and your honey.

What to watch

And boom, there are 6 quick and easy ideas to make the best of your Valentine's Day no matter who you're celebrating with. Did we miss something you want to share? Show us Howl you do Valentines Day by tagging us on Instagram using @howl.app in your pics! Let's get dressed up to get messed up!

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